Kind Words from Our Clients


"We traveled from Minnesota to Alaska in early June for our elopement. From our initial email to Erin to the last hug she gave us we knew that finding Alaska Destination Weddings and eloping was the smartest decision we had made! Erin worked with this Type A gal on every detail of our day and it was nothing short of a dream. My husband Corey and I smiled and laughed all day; we both commented on that when we saw our photos. Erin thought of every detail and made it stress free and relaxing so we could focus on being present in the moment. Thank you so much for everything Erin and for sharing our day with us."- Corey 


"Erin is phenomenal!! If you are thinking of a wedding planner then you need to ask for Erin's assistance. She is incredibly kind and so easy to work with. I truly can't say enough about her. I emailed her about a million times...not kidding even a little bit, and she always answered. We had lost a luggage bag that contained my husband's tie, shirt, and belt, and Erin went to the Men's Wearhouse in Anchorage, and picked it up for us when she was on our way to our ceremony. She is outstanding and we couldn't have done our elopement without her helpful planning, her ideas, and her enthusiasm. She helped me get ready for our 'first look', and it felt as though we had been friends for a long time, even though we had just met 10 minutes prior!

Erin is amazing, and I would recommend her to all of my friends and family!"  - Sarah


"My husband and I just eloped in Anchorage. We had never been to Alaska before so we knew we would need someone to help us plan it. We could not have asked for a better planner than Erin! From the first phone call to the last hug goodbye, Erin was attentive and sweet. She guided us through the whole process until the "I Do's" and made our elopement better than we ever imagine it could be. Every single detail put into it showed how much she cared and that she listened to everything we said. We highly recommend Erin for her creativity, attention to detail and excellent service."  - Juliana


We started from complete scratch wanting to have our elopement 3000 miles away from home and Erin was an absolute blessing! She was so helpful from the first contact and personalized the elopement package that for best for what we wanted. My only job was to describe exactly how I envisioned our wedding and Erin managed all the leg work and everything was perfect, so so beautiful!

"It was just myself and my (now) husband, so having her there to help even with the smallest details made a worlds difference. I honestly have no words to describe how thankful we are for meeting Erin. She made it as easy as making sure we showed up and she took care of the rest. Highly highly recommend for anyone who hopes for that beautiful, stressless Alaska wedding!"  - Desiree


"Thank you SO much for an incredible adventure, Erin! With all of your hard work put into the details of the ceremony and activities, there was zero stress on our end. Zech and I could not have had such a magical experience without you! Thank you again!" - Samantha


"Erin!  Thank you again for all your work! Getting married in Alaska (and hiring you as our planner!) really was the best decision we could have ever made and we are so thankful we did!"    - Rose