Stacey + Johnny - Alaskan Elopement in the Mountains

We've been posting so many glacier weddings lately that we wanted to take a break for green grass and gorgeous Alaskan meadows.  Stacey and Johnny's elopement was too beautiful not to share!  They came to Alaska from Florida with Stacey's sister and brother-in-law along to join in the fun and witness their vows.  They were such a fun and laid back group and I remember them saying this was the most adventurous thing they had ever done.  And we may have had a lengthy conversation about which state is more dangerous to live in between photos.  I told them anywhere with alligators in your backyard scares me far worse than bears and I think they felt the opposite!  It all goes to show perspective is different no matter where you live.  Their day was overcast, but no rain showed and it was the perfect amount of lush green against the gray skies in the meadow where they said their vows.  We wish you the best Stacey and Johnny and thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day in Alaska!

Planning - Alaska Destination Weddings

Photography - Relic Photographic

Floral - Bloomsbury Blooms

Officiant - Rev. Dorothy Torres

Feng + Shuren - Woodland Creatures and Beautiful Landscapes

Say hello to the sweetest couple on earth!  Feng and Shuren came all the way from New York to get married in Alaska.  From our initial contact I could tell that these two were genuinely in love and just as genuinely excited to adventure in Alaska and elope while they were here.  The Bride has a love for small creatures and was so excited to see as many animals as possible while here in Alaska.  We incorporated the cutest bride and groom foxes into their wedding cake and spent time to spot eagles and squirrels on our hike to their elopement location.  The Bride's sister and brother-in-law came along as witnesses, and they have just about the cutest baby I have ever seen in my life!  Cute babies on wedding days just make me happy.  I have to say this day was a treat and we are so honored that Feng and Shuren trusted us with the planning of their wedding day.  Congratulations to these two!

Love + Airplanes + Beautiful Weather = A Perfect Elopement!

Kari and Corey are the sweetest. Absolutely!  These two had love written all over their faces. Hailing all the way from Minnesota, they came to Alaska to elope in secret and spend their days here honeymooning and adventuring.  I will never forget this day as Corey (Groom) could not contain his love for his Bride.  He purchased her a gorgeous flower arrangement that she woke up to on the day of their wedding, and an additional bouquet to give her at their first look.  I mean, these two are smitten!  

Between me, the photographer and the couple, none of us ever stopped smiling during this adventure.  We hopped on a DeHavilland Beaver, headed out to find sunshine and ended up finding a perfect lake to land on for their ceremony.  There is no better feeling that being alone in the wilderness, no pressure, and seeing a Bride and Groom have the ability to say all of those things that are so meaningful and heartfelt without the pressure of an audience (aside from maybe a few bears and a moose or two).  Congratulations to these sweethearts and we hope your deep love for each other continues to grow and grow!

Planning - Alaska Destination Weddings

Photography - Erica Rose Photography

Floral - Bloomsbury Blooms

Flight - Trail Ridge Air

HAMUA - Hair by Jenn