Sarah + Guner - A Nature Lover's Elopement

Sarah and Guner eloped in Alaska this summer, and the day was definitely memorable! We have been fighting the smoke of forest fires all summer, but this day just happened to open up and give us some reprieve from the haze. Thankfully we took full advantage of all of the sights Alaska has to offer! They traveled all the way from Texas to elope in Alaska quietly, adventurously and they sure know how to have fun. Not an ounce of stress was felt, and that’s the best way to get married.

Their elopement encompassed all of the beautiful things about Alaska. From locally grown peonies, lush forests, a glacier hike and waterfalls, this day was nothing short of fantastic for them. There’s certainly something that all of the couples who elope with us have in common and it’s the desire to enjoy the moment and be present without any pressure. Sarah and Guner certainly have this outlook on life, and I feel so blessed that I was a part of their day. I wish you both the best with many more adventures to come!