Presley + Trey - A Glacier Elopement in Alaska

Ok, not only are these two the sweetest people on the planet, but we had an absolutely amazing experience on their elopement in Alaska. Presley and Trey decided to elope in Alaska just a couple of months prior to their wedding date. They were both 100% sure the helicopter package was right, as they wanted to have the most authentic Alaskan experience as possible. The day definitely didn’t disappoint!

On the day of their elopement it was a beautiful, sunny and 75 degree day in Anchorage. During our four hours flying we saw thunder, lightening, full sun, partial clouds and basically the entirety of options for weather. It was gorgeous and breathtaking to witness all of these things in one day! The sweetest part about this elopement were the letters that they wrote to one another and read privately that morning. Presley and Trey have such a true and deep connection, and spending this day with them was a gift. They’re beautiful people inside and out, and having found each other I’d describe them as a true power couple. Congratulations to you both and I hope life brings you many more memories and adventures like this day was!