Kelsey + Tim - A Helicopter Glacier Elopement

Many of these elopements are so extremely beautiful that it’s almost hard to write a caption. I feel as if the words aren’t necessary and the photos are worth a million words. Kelsey and Tim’s wedding was just that! The stars aligned for this couple. Truly. Kelsey contacted me a little more than a week before they were coming to visit Alaska in the hopes of setting up an elopement in just a few short days. Only the witnesses in attendance knew they were getting married. I LOVE it when couples truly elope like this! There’s so much excitement and such a freedom in eloping so privately. The weather was probably one of the most spectacular blue bird days and the glacier gave some of the most incredible views I’ve seen thus far in my life. I’d say this was meant to be. Cheers to this sweet couple! May your road continue to hold many more adventures to come!