Secluded Lake Elopement

This was a wonderful day spent touring some of the most beautiful parts of Alaska!  Melissa and Dennis came to us from both Ohio and Texas.  They wanted to have an elopement that was remote and nestled amongst the mountains of Alaska.  We had wonderful luck as we approached their ceremony location.  The clouds opened up and Denali came into full view right before our eyes!   The entire day encompassed all of the things that make us appreciate planning weddings in Alaska.  We saw a Grizzly bear, beluga whales, seals, many many moose and black bears along with some of the most beautiful glacier and mountain views you can imagine.  Right before we boarded the plane to head back to Anchorage, I remember Melissa turning to me and saying that this was so special because it was so out of the ordinary and adventurous for them.  The intimacy of their elopement alongside the vast beauty of nature was the best way to start off their love story together.  Congratulations to this wonderful couple and many happy years to you!