Rainy Days, Waterfalls and Walks in the Woods

Brie and Jason contacted us on a whim to see if we were available for their elopement.  Of course we said yes!  This sweet couple traveled all the way to Alaska from Iowa to have an intimate wedding, just the two of them.  They rented an R.V. and saw Alaska the best way possible, with no set plans or places to be, just imagination and a sense of wanderlust.  Their wedding day started with pouring down rain and looming clouds.  Brie and Jason were completely calm and said as long as they had an umbrella and their rain boots, all was well.  They were marrying each other and a little rain wasn't going to get in the way.  Shortly after the ceremony ended, the rain subsided to a drizzle, and then completely stopped.  This day was moody and romantic and filled with all of the beauty of Alaska that you could hope for!  Congratulations to this lovely couple and thank you for letting us be a part of your day!