A Romantic Cloudy Day

The photos of this day are so perfect because they convey just how much laughter and happiness was going around the world with these two!  Their story is absolutely worth sharing.  Desiree is a native Texan (and proud) who happened to strike up a conversation with someone while in line at a concert in Dallas.  They soon became friends and long story short she was introduced to the Groom, John, through her new friend.  All because of one friendly conversation, now these two are married and off to many more adventures together!  They came all the way from their home in Oklahoma (where the Bride happily moved for love) to start their life together by eloping in the mountains.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Desiree through the planning process for almost a year.  I remember her telling me that it was so important that they have a "first look," and even though they weren't hosting a huge traditional wedding, she didn't want John to see her in her dress until just the right moment.  There was anticipation and excitement that morning helping her put on the finishing touches, and when John's face lit up seeing her it felt like time stood still for these two for a small moment.  On this day there was a little bit of rain and a few clouds, but it sure felt like there was more happiness to go around than anything.  I'm so thankful I was able to meet both of them and be a part of their wedding!  Congratulations to you both John and Desiree!